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“It has always been about the stone, and its journey.”

Gargi Rathi - Jewellery designer in London

Jewellery designer in London
Gargi Rathi

Contemporary Emerald Jewellery that is special, yet accessible.

A person's jewellery box defines her journey and cherished memories, House of Meraki believes in celebrating these milestones with emeralds, the gemstone that defined the most powerful women in history.

'I am inspired by women who are brave, bold and carefree, who have worked around their imperfections to achieve excellence, women who have a soul and are not afraid to express themselves. Like humans no two emeralds are the same, what better way to express our individual lives and achievements than with emeralds.'

Gargi Rathi, Founder, House of Meraki

Gargi spent her childhood between London and Kitwe, Zambia close to Kagem, the world's largest emerald mine. She has always been fascinated with emeralds which drove her to pursue gemmology from GIA and spending a few years in Jaipur, Rajasthan to understand the journey of emeralds from mine to market. Her quest for emeralds made her travel around the world and she realised that it was mostly used in high jewellery collections and are inaccessible by young women like her, which lead to the formation of House of Meraki. The brand is a fresh perspective on emeralds and is a reflection of her Indian roots and artistic sensibilities of Europe; the pieces are manufactured by the finest artisans in London and the Amalfi Coast.

Her signature style is aesthetically blending different shapes and colors of emeralds, into one piece of jewellery to ensure every wearer owns a unique piece to express their unique moments.

Gargi Rathi Signature