Meraki Emeralds

We handpick every stone in our workshop daily, and pride ourselves on transparency with every emerald we sell.

The journey of each emerald stone, from mining stage to being set in a timeless piece of elegance, carries a unique tale. Giving our clients the option to choose their own emeralds from our vast collection, each piece is personalised and the journey can be shared.

With exclusive access to the world's finest gemstones, we source our precious emeralds from the oldest Kagem mines in Zambia. Each rare, natural and exclusive gemstone is carefully handpicked, responsibly sourced and ethically produced. We aspire to be one of the first companies to produce emeralds completely traceable from mine to market.

Our trained expertise cut and polish from rough beryl, in our workshops across the world, before setting the stones into the hand carved silhouettes.

Zambian emerald stones are deep green in colour, reflecting their intensity, vivid saturation, radiance and rich history. The emerald is defined by its incomparable green colour, with a hint of blue colour at its heart. An emerald transparency is extremely rare and lightly valued. Every natural emerald has inclusions. These inclusions in an emerald known as 'jardin' adds to the distinctive character of the stone and accentuates its authenticity.

Studies have proven beyond doubt that emeralds are the best investment after property in this era, as time only adds to its value. These movable assets, not just add to the beauty of the modern woman but are also memorable, heritage pieces for the future generations to cherish.

From investment grade to royal pieces, at House of Meraki we help you choose from a vast selection to add to your collection.