Jewellery Asset Management Services

Exclusive Service

At House of Meraki, our in-depth knowledge of fine jewellery and gemstones ensures that our jewellery asset management services are unsurpassed. With a strong focus on financing and recreating precious gems, diamonds and jewellery, we offer outstanding opportunities for safe investments in both gemstones and jewellery.

The wide range of services we offer ensures that jewellery asset management is at the very heart of our brand. We provide assistance with disinvestment from your jewellery assets; the purchase of investment grade stones; the repair and customising of your jewellery; fine jewellery consultancy; auction placements, and thorough aftercare, including storage solutions. Our fine jewellery management services include repairing damaged jewellery, and modifying pieces to suit more contemporary tastes.

House of Meraki enjoys access to internationally famous auction houses throughout the world, and this ensures that we will get the best prices for your investments. Furthermore, we absolutely guarantee that any piece purchased from us can be placed in auction at a premium.

House of Meraki is your ultimate solution for safe investments in gemstones, reliable advice, convenient service, and complete client confidentiality.


Our Jewellery Asset Management
services include:

  • - Auction Placement
  • - Storage solutions
  • - Jewellery transportation
  • - Disinvestment solutions
  • - Assistance in purchasing investment grade stones and jewellery
  • - Management of high value jewellery assets
  • - The re-creation of heirloom pieces into modern jewels
  • - Representation for high value purchases and sale

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